AxiGuard Stops Ransomware Virus

AxiGuard Stops Ransomware Virus

You may have read about the worldwide malware attack caused a ransomware virus. This virus was responsible for the near shutdown of the UK National Health Service, Fed Ex and  other companies and systems worldwide.  As a ransomware virus, it targets victims by demanding a ransom to get their computer files unlocked via a pop-up window.  The malware first hit a Spanish telecom company and employees there were asked to pay $300 in ransom.

The attacks are being blamed on a piece of malware called WCry, WannaCry or Wana Decryptor, alleged to have been stolen from the National Security Agency.  The malware exploits a flaw in a Microsoft networking protocol. Microsoft released a security patch in March 2017 which fixed this flaw so the affected computers were those which had not installed the patch.

AxiGuard, our IT maintenance service, makes sure that our customers' computers have all the latest security patches installed. I'm happy to note that 100% of the active computers managed by our AxiGuard system have the requisite security patch installed thus they are not impacted by this virus incident.

If your computer is not protected by our AxiGuard system, you need to run your Windows Update manually as soon as possible to insure all the security patches are up to date. Do not rely on Microsoft's automated Windows Update system as it often stops updating for various reasons.

You can rely on AxiGuard to protect your PCs because it automatically and proactively performs maintenance tasks such as patch updates, malware sweeps, antivirus protection, and performance tune-ups.  It also includes close monitoring by our team of tech support specialists in case patch installations fail, antivirus definitions get out of date, the hard drive signals impending failure or if other problems occur.

If you would like a free security analysis and IT system health check for your business, or want to learn more about AXICOM's AxiGuard service, contact Jake Nonnemaker at (818) 865-9865, option 2, or email