Zoom Phone

COVID has introduced us all to Zoom meetings and Zoom has built upon the popularity of this highly successful product. Zoom now offers fully development VOIP phone service known as Zoom Phone. Currently, Zoom Phone is $15/month for unlimited calling in the US and Canada. The quality is every bit as good as other mature VOIP services like 8x8, RingCentral, and Jive.

You can use your desk phone, computer or mobile app anywhere you are located so there is no more toggling or forwarding of your work number to your mobile phone.

Adding Zoom Phone to an existing or new Zoom Meeting subscription will give you a complete unified communications system which includes video meetings, voice, chat, and SMS text messaging.

Zoom Phone includes a feature- rich chat option so you won’t need to pay extra for additional chat service like Slack. In addition, you can also chat with people outside your company if they are also Zoom Meeting or Zoom Phone users.

SMS text messaging is included with Zoom phone which means that you can send text messages from your desktop or mobile Zoom app to clients, vendors and partners, thus increasing your communication profile. At AXICOM, we’ve found this very useful so our tech staff can text message clients without having to give out their personal mobile phone numbers.

If you are interested in a demo of the Zoom phone and meeting, please contact us at sales@axicom.net or 818-865-9865, option 2.