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Improving your WiFi for a Faster Internet

Have you ever experienced slowness on the Internet: webpages take a long time to load or a video will buffer regularly, so you call your Internet service provide who may be your local telephone cable company. The tech walks you through rebooting your router and resets your connection on his/her end but your Internet is still slow.

How to Spot and Avoid the Cryptolocker Crypto Virus

This video shows how to spot an email containing Cryptolocker. The email has a Microsoft Word attachment and claims to have been scanned by "Symantec service." Opening the Word attachment doesn't cause the virus to activate because the Word macro settings are set to prompt user to enable the content. Only when the Word content is enabled does the virus activate and encrypt the files on the computer.

2016 National Tech Election Issues

With the 2016 election just a few weeks away, Jake discusses the impact the election will have on important technology issues. These issues include privacy and law enforcement surveillance, the importance and dangers of smartphone encryption, and America's cyber-security and cyber-warfare readiness. Before you go vote, find out where your candidates stand on these important tech issues in the national election.

Amazon Echo and Pokemon Go!

In this podcast, Jake delivers a tech round-up of two very popular recent technology advances: Amazon's Alexa and Pokemon Go! Jake reviews the Amazon Echo that was purchased on Prime Day and his experience with Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant. He also discusses the Pokemon Go craze and how it gets kids outside to play and can bring parents closer to their children.

The Power of Plug-Ins!

Like most people, you probably use your web browser just to browse the Internet. But do you know that there is a whole other world of browser add-ons, also called extensions and plug-ins, that can really enhance your Internet experience. These add-ons can block annoying advertisements, make articles more readable, allow you to read stories offline, make social media posting simpler, manage your web passwords and a whole lot more. In this podcast, Jake explores the hidden world of browser add-ons and shares his top five favorites.

How to Identify and Avoid a Crypto-Virus

A crypto-virus can really ruin your day. They are a form of ransomware which encrypts your data then demands a ransom be paid to the cyber-crooks to get your files back. But you can avoid crypto viruses by knowing how to identify them and taking a few steps to avoid infection and quickly recover your files if you do get infected. Here's how to make sure the crypto-virus doesn't ruin your day!

What To Do with Your Old PC

We all have old PCs! They sit around, sometimes gathering dust, or possibly being used for a specific purpose. If you want to dispose of one, then you should know how to recycle an old PC correctly. But, before you do recycle, Jake can give you some good ideas on other ways your PC can be re-purposed.

Use Cortana to Get More from Windows 10

Cortana is a Microsoft's personal digital assistant for Windows 10 which can prove to be very helpful. Jake discusses how to effectively use incorporate Cortana into your daily computer habits and make your life more efficient. He also shows you some Cortana tricks. Cortana is available with Windows 10 on your desktop or Windows mobile phone.

Windows 10 Upgrade for Free

Upgrade Windows 10 for free!  Eligible Windows users can upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 for free. But Microsoft's offer ends on July 29, 2016. In this podcast, Jake discusses if you are eligible for the Windows 10 free upgrade offer, what you need to know before you upgrade, and tips to make your upgrade process smooth and hassle free. Here's a podcast to explain how:

Using Two-Factor Authentication for Better Security

Using two-factor authentication (2FA) is critical to your overall computer security and should be enabled wherever possible. Jake discusses what it is and how to enable 2FA on your email and social media to prevent your accounts from being hijacked.

How To Use Hashtags To Improve Your Social Media Reach

You see hashtags all the time but do you know why they can help you grow your business? You may have a vague notion of what a hashtag is but hashtags can be a powerful tool to get more people viewing your social media posts. In this episode, Jake discusses how to make hashtags and use them to drive traffic to your social media properties.

Protect Your Online Reputation

A business' online reputation at Yelp, Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor can quickly be destroyed by a vengeful customer or misplaced review. Jake discusses the pitfalls when literally anyone can leave a review and the strategies for ensuring a good reputation.

Links to help you claim your business:
Yelp: https//
Facebook: Creating a business page on Facebook
Trip Advisor:

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Identifying and Avoiding Phishing Scams

Scammers are getting really good at making legitimate-looking phishing emails. But accidentally clicking a link could result in identity theft, destruction of your data, stolen credentials or severe virus infection that will cost you thousands of dollars. Jake discusses ways to identify phishing emails and the methods to avoid getting them in the first place.

Phishing emails will come from a wide variety of sources with which you are familiar: FedEx, UPS, IRS, FBI, and even your Xerox scanner. The scammers are looking to steal your credentials to use in identity theft or hijack your email and social media accounts to further their scams. Clicking on any of the links in these emails may also infect your computer with viruses which can encrypt all your data and hold it for ransom. The ransom can be very expensive; recently, a hospital had to pay a ransom of $17,000 to recover their data from the cyber-crooks.

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phishing email example

Phishing Email Example

Video Games and Families

Kids love video games but too much can create a stress within the family. In this episode, Jake discusses what families need to know regarding video games and other media. He also shares the tools he uses to help choose the right age-appropriate video games, how to effectively limit screen time, using video games as an incentive tool and engaging in other activities to create balance.