Preventing Updates to Windows 10 From Automatically Installing

Preventing Updates to Windows 10 From Automatically Installing

Windows 10 is a really secure operating system and one reason is because Microsoft forces security updates on their schedule.  Security updates are critically important for a safe computing experience but there may be some scenarios which require you to have more customized control of the Windows update process.  Here are a couple of examples":

If you have a computer that is only turned on periodically, then the update process will bog down the computer.  This is because when you do turn on the computer, it will immediately start downloading Windows updates from Microsoft which consumes a lot of CPU power and Internet bandwidth thus making your computer painfully slow for up to several hours.  So you can customize the update settings to only notify you when updates are available so you have the opportunity to download and install the updates when you are finished working on the computer (e.g., leaving work or going to bed).

Windows Updates and Critical Apps

Another reason for customizing the Windows updates may be if you are using the computer for testing and don’t want any other software installed or would like to choose which patches get installed.  You may have a critical application that may break if any Windows updates are installed.  Or you may have a computer that you want to manually update and reboot because it is critical that it remain operational during business hours.  In this case you can customize the reboot schedule, choose never to install updates or choose which updates you want to install.

Many of the Windows update custom settings require you to have the Professional or Enterprise edition of Windows 10 and are not available to the Home edition.  You can upgrade from Home to Professional by purchasing an Windows 10 Upgrade key from AXICOM or from the Microsoft store.

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