Dogs At Work

Dogs At Work

Do dogs help in the work environment?  According to some studies, yes, they do!  Many small businesses allow dogs but even some corporations also allow the practice because of perceived benefits.   Amazon, Ben and Jerry’s and Printing for Less are just a few well-known companies that have dog-friendly policies.

Increased Productivity

When employees sit for a long period of time, productivity actually decreases.  When a dog is in the office, it can help employees to get up and take a short break which then helps with overall morale and productivity.

More Creativity

Interacting with dogs is generally positive which helps keep depression rates lower and elevates serotonin levels.

More Bonding

Camaraderie in the workplace makes for better interactions and dogs tend to bring co-workers together.  Some dogs have fun antics and others are quietly reassuring as they lie beneath a desk or near an open workspace.  And, the dog probably enjoys the socialization.

Fewer Sick Days

An American Humane Association study notes that dogs are proven to have a therapeutic influence which keeps immunity stronger.

Stress Relief

Dogs are great at providing unconditional love and comfort.  When times are tough, if a dog is in the office, those tough times can make less of an impact.  Petting a dog is always a mood lifter!

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day is held on the Friday following Father’s Day.   Currently organized by Pet Sitters International, they have documents available online to support the event.

by Christa Nonnemaker