Cyber Security News of the Week, May 28, 2017

Individuals at Risk
Cyber Fraud
Google Just Killed What Might Be The Biggest Android Ad Fraud Ever: Google has thrown more than 40 apps out of its Play store after it emerged they were quietly forcing Android users to click on ads. As the apps been downloaded as many as 36 million times, security researchers said it appeared to be the biggest ever case of ad fraud perpetrated via Google Play and probably the most successful malware in terms of installs from the official store.

AxiGuard Stops Ransomware Virus

You may have read about the worldwide malware attack caused a ransomware virus. This virus was responsible for the near shutdown of the UK National Health Service, Fed Ex and  other companies and systems worldwide.  As a ransomware virus, it targets victims by demanding a ransom to get their computer files unlocked via a pop-up window.

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, May 14, 2017

Important Security Updates
Adobe Flash Player: Adobe has released version Updates are available from Adobe’s website. To see which version you have, go to Adobe’s web page.

Google Chrome: Google has released Google Chrome version 58.0.3029.110. Updates are available from within the browser or from Google Chrome’s website.

Cyber Security News of the Week, May 14, 2017

Individuals at Risk
Cyber Update
HP issues fix for ‘keylogger’ found on several laptop models:
A security researcher says an audio driver is recording every keystroke entered, accessible to any person or malware that knows where to look. ZDNet, May 12, 2017

Emergency Fix for Windows Anti-Malware Flaw Leads May’s Patch Tuesday: Adobe and Microsoft both issued updates today to fix critical security vulnerabilities in their software.

LastPass Settings for Optimal Security

A password manager is a must-have weapon in your security and privacy arsenal.  There are a few password managers available and my advice is to pick one and learn how to use it.  My preference is LastPass which is a more mature product, has great security practices and is very transparent in their security practices.

Cyber Security News of the Week, May 7, 2017

Individuals at Risk
Identity Theft
Identity Theft Protection: 10 Ways To Secure Your Personal Data: I was recently the victim of a hack. My identity was impersonated and the information was used to steal my personal data from GoDaddy. How could this happen I asked myself? The cybercriminal got hold of my social security number, used it to locate my credit card number from my bank, then used that credit card number to access my GoDaddy profile by socially engineering a customer service representative embedded at the hosting giant’s offices.