The Power of Plug-Ins!

Like most people, you probably use your web browser just to browse the Internet. But do you know that there is a whole other world of browser add-ons, also called extensions and plug-ins,  that can really enhance your Internet experience. These add-ons can block annoying advertisements, make articles more readable, allow you to read stories offline, make social media posting simpler, manage your web passwords and a whole lot more. In this podcast, Jake explores the hidden world of browser add-ons and shares his top five favorites.

Jake's Five Fave Browser Add-Ons:
5. AdBlock Plus - Hides annoying website ads.
4. Pocket - Saves interesting web content to read later.
3. Hootsuite - Easily post web stories and photos to your social media sites.
2. Evernote Webclipper - Saves web content to your Evernote account.
1. LastPass - Securely saves all your web passwords.

Honorable Mentions:
- Great Suspender (Chrome)
- Suspend Tab (Firefox)
- Ghostery
- NoScripts

Music courtesy of 8 Bit Weapon:


Jake Nonnemaker

Jake Nonnemaker

CEO/President/Founder of AXICOM, Inc.