Why Choose AXICOM?

Business Owners: Do you want a problem-free, secure and well-run network? We can help!

Our Products and Services will help your business by:

  • Monitoring your network and recognizing problems before they affect your productivity
  • Protecting your network from viruses, malware and other malicious software
  • Stabilizing costs so that you can budget for your IT

Call this number now! 818-865-9865

We will watch your IT 24/7/365, guaranteed.

You’re Guarded

Enjoy a reliable email system without being exposed.

You’re Safe

Minimize the risk disasters pose on technology.

You’re Protected

The cloud gives you connectivity you’ve dreamt of.

You’re Connected

4 Great Reasons Why Businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area Outsource their Computer IT Support to Us:

No Long-Term Contracts – AXICOM believes in the value of our service so we don’t force our clients into contracts that they can’t get out of.

No Nickel and Diming – We spell out what is covered in each level of service so that you know what is included and what is extra.

You Get a Group of Professionals, Not a One Man Band – We’re not “Joe the Computer Guy.” We have a dispatcher along with technicians who are able to address your problems quickly so that you’re not left waiting days for someone to call back.

Rapid Response Guarantee – Our technical staff will respond immediately when a phone call comes in for Tech Support and will get your problem solved so that you can get back to work promptly and with minimum interruption to your day.


“Outsourced IT: How Small Businesses Can Improve IT Effectiveness While Lowering Costs.”

Download it here!